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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I take insurance?
You may file for insurance reimbursement from your insurance company. I am not an in-plan provider for any insurgence companies.  It is a good idea to call your insurance company when you begin therapy.  Some insurance companies require a call to authorize therapy, while other companies do not require prior approval of services. Calling your insurance company to investigate what kind of coverage your particular plan offers is helpful.  Let the company know you are planning to enter therapy with a licensed, certified social worker who is a non-participating provider. HMOs do not cover any providers outside their  but system but most insurance companies will cover some portion of the cost of services.

Will you file the insurance claim.
Because I am a solo practioner and do not have an administrative staff, you will be responsible for filing your own claims.

How long and how often will we meet?
In therapy we would meet weekly for 60 minutes.

How does payment work?
I ask for payment at the end of the session by check. I also offer the option to pay using Visa, Master Card or AMEX.

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