Effective therapy is a blend of art and science

Through out 25 years of clinical practice, I have refined this blend in order to meet the unique needs, backgrounds and situations that bring people in to therapy. The art lies in building a safe and compassionate relationship. The science lies in staying current with “best practices” grounded in the latest research.

My Approach

A trusting relationship is key

Building a safe, compassionate and mutually respectful relationship is essential for success in psychotherapy. I see therapy as a collaborative process where my job is to look for blind spots or self-defeating, frustrating patterns that have led you to seek help.  


Change is hard

In order to shift old patterns it is important to access a wide array of approaches and therapeutic techniques. I believe we all are given a “set of tools” from our families to navigate adulthood. Sometimes the set we are given worked well enough in childhood but are lacking for creating a satisfying life in adulthood.  


Keeping current with the State of the Art

Over the last decade there have been significant advances in the field of psychotherapy.  Using new approaches based on the brain / body interplay has created richer possibilities than ever before for significant, deep and long lasting  change. 

As Seen In Washingtonian Magazine

Top Therapist

    July 2009

Top Marital Therapist          Dec. 2012

"She helps people break old patterns by using a broad spectrum of interventions depending on what best fits for the person; she's practical and warm."


Top Therapists Washingtonian Magazine

●Anxiety                                     ●Depression

●Couple Issues                          ●Trauma Resolution

●ADHD & Learning Styles