Call me and I will do my best to return your call within 24 hours. After an initial phone conversation to briefly determine your current situation, what kind of problems you are seeking help with and whether I think I can offer you the kind of help that would best serve your needs, we will schedule a first appointment. This appointment is not a commitment to work together but rather an opportunity to meet in person, gather some history, and discuss, in depth, what brought you to the decision to seek therapy.


At the end of this initial session I will offer a brief “first impression” sketch or assessment of the problems for which you are seeking help and, if indicated, begin to make a plan around how we might work together. It is only after we have had this chance to meet one another and discuss your situation in depth that we decide whether to make a commitment to work together. If, on the other hand, another practitioner would be a better “fit” for you and your particular situation I will give you other references or resources to explore. 

Initial Steps To Working Together