Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you take insurance?

You may file for insurance reimbursement from your insurance company. Some portion of the charge for my services may be covered. I am not a participating in-plan provider or on provider panels with any insurance companies. However, many insurance companies, including Care First BlueCross/Shield, do reimburse for ‘out-of-plan’ licensed, certified social workers so you should check with your company to see how this will affect your coverage.


  • Do I need to have authorization from the insurance company to see you?

Every insurance company is different. Some companies require you to call and inform them that you will be starting treatment. Other companies, like Magellan Managed Care in Maryland, will want me to fill out a standard request form for treatment services before therapy begins. I am happy to do whatever paperwork your insurance company may require for authorization at no extra charge.


  • How do you handle payment?                                                                          I usually like people to pay at the end of the session but if you prefer to pay monthly that is fine. I send out statements monthly to submit to your insurance company or if you prefer I can give you a weekly statement. I can also offer the option of charging with VISA or Master Card.


  • How frequent are therapy sessions?

I see most clients once a week. When there are questions regarding how frequently to meet we would talk about what would best serve your needs.


  • How long does each session last?

Sessions with individuals are 60 minutes and I see couples for 90 minutes.

With planning before hand, it is possible to arrange for longer sessions if

that’s indicated.